Advanced Procurement Strategy

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IMPAX NXTGEN™ Advanced Procurement Strategy


Sales and Account Management professionals are facing increasingly sophisticated and involved procurement organizations. The rise of procurement’s involvement creates challenges for value-rich companies, including:

  • Commoditization of products and services
  • Margin erosion and price pressure
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Relationship erosion

Looking ahead, it is critical to navigate these challenges while continuing to drive the sales process. As procurement continues to expand its influence and attempt to create a “level playing field” by limiting access and assessing suppliers on a price basis, sales professionals must fight for value. 

This course leverages IMPAX NxtGen™ Selling and provides participants with actionable strategies to navigate procurement and drive the sales process while in a tendered opportunity.


Participants will build actionable capabilities to immediately increase productivity by:

  • Assessing customer opportunities to identify strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate actions
  • Developing a deep understanding of the customer’s business direction and departmental needs (beyond the tendered opportunity as written)
  • Developing a relationship strategy to gain access to senior-level decision makers (beyond the Procurement evaluation team)
  • Creating a gatekeeper and procurement strategy
  • Delivering high-impact business presentations that drive action
  • Positioning value over price



  • Introduction to the IMPAX NxtGen Process
  • Procurement Basics
  • Target Opportunity Selection
  • Gathering Customer Insight
  • Developing Value Messages
  • Relationship Strategy
  • Building Customer Coaches
  • Gaining Access to Decision Makers
  • Neutralizing Gatekeepers
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Delivering Customer-Focused Presentations
  • Executing Your Strategy



Strategic B2B sales and account relationship management professionals who regularly interface with Procurement, including:

  1. Sales Representatives
  2. Enterprise Sales Executives
  3. Key Account Executives
  4. Other: Anyone who is customer-facing, and/or actively engaged in customer relationships and activities



Blended Method of Instruction: This course is a blended learning experience, comprised of a self-directed digital course followed by an instructor-led application workshop. The instructors are experienced sales leaders who have faced the same realities as the participants. Participants will actively develop a real customer opportunity that will be ready for immediate implementation.

  • Digital Learning: Participants begin with a self-directed digital course to establish a foundation in the process. The digital course consists of nine instructional modules plus a certification exam. Each module takes 30-45 minutes to complete, and learners may progress at a pace comfortable to them.
  • Application Workshop:  Following the digital course, participants complete a live application workshop (virtual or in-person) to strengthen and apply concepts covered in the digital course to a live opportunity. Attendees identify a real opportunity in their pipeline to advance during the workshop. They will apply learnings and develop the account throughout the application workshop.

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