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IMPAX NxtGen™ Selling


Value-leading organizations are facing an array of trends that are challenging their ability to achieve broad-based and sustainable growth. These trends include:

  • Commoditization of value by the rise of procurement
  • Disruptive competitive environments
  • Changing role of sales within the customer experience
  • Shifting generational dynamics within the sales team and customer organization
  • Increasing prevalence of A.I. 

Sales and Account Management professionals must address these critical market trends while executing the business strategy and driving profitable growth.

Salespeople who attempt to serve existing demand with a transactional relationship are likely to see their jobs replaced by A.I. However, the truly "consultative" sales professional will realize continued opportunity through their ability to position themselves as a strategic resource to their customers. 

IMPAX NxtGen™ Selling is an engaging learning experience designed to help B2B sales professionals more effectively position their value to customers, support the need to differentiate from competition, and accelerate performance and success.


Participants will build actionable capabilities to immediately increase productivity by:

  • Aligning to customer opportunities representing the highest probability of fit
  • Developing a deep understanding of the customer’s business direction
  • Developing a relationship strategy to gain access to senior-level decision makers
  • Delivering high-impact business presentations that drive action
  • Positioning value over price



  • Introduction to the IMPAX NxtGen Process
  • Target Opportunity Assessment/Selection
  • Conducting Customer Research
  • Developing Value Messages
  • Building Coaches
  • Gaining Access to Senior Decision Makers
  • Neutralizing Gatekeepers
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Developing and Delivering Customer-Focused Business Presentations



Strategic B2B sales and relationship management professionals, including:

  1. Sales Representatives
  2. Enterprise Sales Executives
  3. Key Account Executives
  4. Independent Agents or Distributors



Blended Method of Instruction: This course is a blended learning experience, comprised of a self-directed digital course followed by an instructor-led application workshop. The instructors are experienced sales leaders who have faced the same realities as the participants. Participants will actively develop a real customer opportunity that will be ready for immediate implementation.

  • Digital Learning: Participants begin with a self-directed digital course to establish a foundation in the process. The digital course consists of nine instructional modules plus a certification exam. Each module takes 30-45 minutes to complete, and learners may progress at a pace comfortable to them.
  • Application Workshop:  Following the digital course, participants complete a live application workshop (virtual or in-person) to strengthen and apply concepts covered in the digital course to a live opportunity. Attendees identify a real opportunity in their pipeline to advance during the workshop. They will apply learnings and develop the account throughout the application workshop.