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To generate results, your territory sales team must have an effective process and solid grasp on the fundamentals - namely, controlling and driving the sales cycle. While seemingly simple, many territory sales professionals lack process and basic training that build the foundation for a successful sales career.

Help your team develop critical selling skills, with IMPAX's Practical Sales program. This highly-interactive two-to-three day program is live-account based, and introduces participants to an adaptable sales process that can be used to close a sale after one call or over several. This methodology leverages four steps - select, understand, access, and advance - to elevate your sales professionals from vendors to valuable business resources in the eyes of your clients.

In the Practical Sales program, your participants will learn skills that help them channel their energy and efforts towards the opportunities they have the best chance of winning. The topics we'll cover include:

  • Territory planning
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Conducting & organizing research
  • Creating a pre-call plan
  • Cultivating a strong network
  • Gaining access to decision makers
  • Presentation development & delivery
  • Closing & negotiating the sale
  • Handling objections

By the end of the course, your team will have the basic selling skills and confidence needed to drive success and win more business. Contact us today!